February 14, 2012

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  Intacs Corneal Implants


Intacs Corneal Implants

Are tiny clear corneal implants placed outside the optic zone

Intacs corneal implants are clear, thin corneal implants placed in the periphery of the cornea by an ophthalmologist during a brief outpatient procedure. Intacs corneal implants reshape the curvature of the cornea from within, enhancing the natural shape of your eye to correct mild nearsightedness. Because no tissue is removed, natural optics are enhanced and the structural integrity of the cornea is maintained.

Intacs corneal implants cannot be felt, are no more visible than a contact lens and require no maintenance. With Intacs corneal implants, many people are actually seeing better than 20/201. Intacs inserts are FDA approved and are supported by more than ten years of clinical studies.

And, because Intacs corneal implants are corneal implants, they can be removed or replaced if you desire or if your vision needs change. In U.S. clinical studies, of the very few people who had their Intacs corneal implants removed, all were subsequently corrected to 20/20 or better.

Comparison of Vision Correction Technologies

Intacs corneal implants Advantages:

  • FDA-approved as safe and effective
  • FAA-approved for pilots
  • Excellent results - in U.S. clinical studies, 97% of patients saw 20/40 or better with Intacs corneal implants, 74% saw 20/20 or better, and greater than 50% saw 20/16 or better.
  • Maintenance-free correction
  • Greater flexibility because Intacs corneal implants can be removed or replaced with a new prescription should your vision needs change
  • Greater peace of mind because, unlike LASIK and other laser options, Intacs corneal implants can be removed. In U.S. clinical studies, 100% of patients who had their Intacs corneal implants removed were corrected to 20/20 vision or better
  • Greater confidence because, unlike laser options, no tissue is removed from the central cornea; the region of the cornea most important for clear vision.

1 In U.S. studies, over half of the patients saw better than 20/16. Individual results may vary.