July 20, 2012

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  Intacs Corneal Implants


Intacs Corneal Implants - How they work

Your Goal: Normal Vision
In the normal eye, light rays entering the eye are bent by the cornea, so that they focus precisely on the retina. The result is crisp, clear vision.
Virtually all light that enters your eye passes through the central cornea to be focused. This central optical zone is crucial to clear vision.
Nearsightedness (Myopia)
In the nearsighted eye, the curve of the cornea is too steep. Light rays are bent too much and focus in front of the retina, and objects in the distance appear blurry. While some people with mild myopia can function without their glasses or contacts in certain situations, most rely on corrective lenses everyday.
Intacs inserts are specially designed for patients with mild nearsightedness and no more than one diopter of astigmatism. Astigmatism is a common vision problem in which light rays focus on more than one point on the retina.
Intacs Inserts Vision
Intacs inserts gently enhance the natural shape of the cornea to allow light rays to focus precisely on the retina, thus producing a clear, sharp image.
To understand how Intacs inserts produce good vision, imagine a tent with a domed top, a shape similar to that of your cornea.
If the sides of the tent are extended outward, the top flattens slightly.
Intacs inserts work in a similar fashion. When Intacs inserts are placed in the periphery (sides) of the cornea, outside the vital central optical zone, they gently reshape the center or "top" of the cornea. This prescription reshaping flattens the center just enough to allow light rays entering your eyes to focus properly. For most patients, the result is clear vision.
Why Are Intacs Inserts Different?
Intacs inserts provide a safe, innovative alternative to glasses and contacts that has proven reliable over ten years of rigorous clinical testing.

  • Intacs inserts can be completely removed or replaced, as desired, providing flexibility for the future as eyesight changes naturally with age.
  • Unlike LASIK and other laser options, Intacs inserts do not change the curvature of the cornea by permanently removing tissue from the central optical zone.
  • Patients who need greater amounts of correction after laser options may have an "enhancement" procedure in which additional tissue is removed. The flexibility of laser options is limited, since tissue cannot be added back to the eye.
  • Intacs inserts is the only refractive procedure that adds structural integrity and maintains the natural prolate shape of the cornea.
  • Clinically, the natural-shaped cornea maintained by Intacs inserts provides superior visual results.